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Two Storey Homes

As well as our award-winning single storey homes, Vision One also offers a new and exciting range of two storey house designs. Opt for traditional double brick or choose the upper level to be constructed using alternate sustainable materials to brick - the choice is yours!

At Vision One Homes we offer our clients innovative building solutions. And when it comes to building a two storey home we offer you the option of building with traditional double brick, which is still very popular in Perth, or you can opt for alternative lightweight construction, using EPS (also known as Expanded Polystyrene).

EPS is a durable, lightweight cellular plastic foam material that has the flexibility to be used on frames and structures made of brick, timber, steel, weatherboard and fibro. At Vision One, our two storey homes are built with double brick on the ground floor, with the option of building using EPS on the second storey.

Building your 2 storey home with EPS involves an extensive three-stage process that encompasses pre-expansion, conditioning and moulding.

But don’t think this is a brand new product to market. In fact, EPS has been subject to an extensive history of research and evaluation spanning more than 60 years of building 2 storey homes to make it the successful product it is today in the building industry.

The extraordinary characteristics of EPS make it a popular material for a diverse range of applications including packaging and food storage, surfboards, and bicycle helmets, to name just a few.

But if you’re reading this, what you’ll be keen to hear and understand, is that it is an ideal choice for green building design. A choice that will also save you money and time.

Need help from a professional building consultant? Get in touch and we can help customise an existing 2 storey house plan to your needs.




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